Rips on the hands, also known as calluses or tears, are a common injury among gymnasts and other athletes who perform repetitive movements with their hands. Here are a few steps you can take to help heal rips on your hands:

  1. Clean the wound: Clean the wound with soap and water to remove any dirt or debris. Dry the area thoroughly.

  2. Apply an antiseptic: Apply an antiseptic to the wound to prevent infection.

  3. Dress the wound: Cover the wound with a bandage or gauze and tape to keep it clean and protected.

  4. Take a break: It is important to rest the injured hand and allow the wound to heal. Avoid activities that might aggravate the wound or cause further tears.

  5. Keep the wound moisturised: Keep the area moisturized with a skin moisturiser or hand cream such as Hand e Balm or Hardworking Hands, it will help to soften the calluses and prevent them from cracking again.

    Hand Balm for ripped hands, by GMD Activewear Australia
  6. Be consistent with moisturising: Consistency is key, moisturizing and taking care of the hands regularly, even when they are not injured, will help to prevent future rips.

It's important to note that the healing time for rips can vary depending on the severity of the injury, but with proper care, they will typically heal within a week or two. If you have a deep or large wound, or if it doesn't seem to be healing properly, it is recommended that you see a doctor or physical therapist for further evaluation and treatment.



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