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Cheetah Gen 2

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New **Tuli's Cheetah Gen2 Heel Cup with Compression Sleeve is the Advanced Heel Support and Protection  for Gymnasts & Dancers.

Gymnasts and dancers of all levels, especially those suffering from Sever's Disease, have come to love Tuli's Cheetah because of the dynamic combination of the shock-absorbing technology from the Tuli's Heel Cup's patented, multi-cell, multi-layer design and the gentle compression from the lightweight neoprene sleeve.

** SOLD seperately

Prevents and Relieves Heel pain

The Cheetah provides immediate heel pain relief and helps prevent further injury by cushioning the area of pain and elevating the heel bone. It stays in place with no additional taping or strapping, rendering it perfect for barefoot activities including gymnastics, tumbling, dancing, martial arts, and more.

New Design

The patent-pending Cheetah Gen2 has a completely neutral and uniform color for the logo, sleeve, and heel cup.

Features & Benefits:

Secure Binding - The heel cup is bonded and sewn to the sleeve for long-lasting support

Uniform Neutral Color - More visually appealing, possibility of being work during competitions

Multi-Cell, Multi-Layer Heel Cup - Provides elevation and cushion to relieve and prevent heel pain

Enhanced Neoprene - Provides added comfort and durability

Ideal For:

  • Barefoot Support
  • Gymnasts and Dancers
  • Heel Pain
  • Heel Shock and Impact Relief
  • Sever's Disease

The Tuli's Cheetah does not fit or is hard to slip on. What should I do?

The Tuli's Cheetah can be difficult to slip onto the foot because it is designed to fit snuggly. Sometimes two people are needed to help slip on the first few times. It is recommended to always put on your Cheetah before any workout so that feet are sweat-free. 

Why does the Tuli's Cheetah slowly ride down?

If it is riding down, then you most likely are using the wrong size of Tuli's Cheetah.


Is the Tuli's Cheetah for the heel or the ankle?

The Tuli's Cheetah’s primary function is for providing heel protection to those not wearing shoes while also giving a slight ankle compression.

How can I clean the Tuli's Cheetah?

The Tuli's Cheetah is easily cleaned by hand washing using mild detergent and warm water.  Rinse well and air dry.


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