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Bailie Woman's Single Buckle - Narrow 301B


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This is the next step up from  Bailie Beginner dowel guards in a single buckle style.

  • This grip is a narrow width grip.
  • The palm piece is narrower than our standard width grip and is recommended for gymnasts that have narrower or smaller hands.
  • It is appropriate for any level of gymnast. Available in sizes 00-5, Size currently stocked 0-2 ( If you would like another size please indicate in the text box provided)
  • **PLEASE NOTE - Large towelling wrist bands ( 5inch) are required with this product to illeviate rubbing/ blisters on the wrists.


HOW TO SIZE: Measure from the base of the palm (where wrist creases) to the tip of the middle finger. Use that measurement against the size chart below.

Size Inches Size Inches
00 up to 5 1/2 in 0 up to 6 1/4 in
0 5 1/2 to 6 in 1 6 1/4 to 7 1/4 in
1 6 to 6 1/2 in 2 7 1/4 to 8 in
2 6 1/2 to 7 1/4 in 3 8 to 8 3/4 in
3 7 1/4 to 7 3/4 in 4 8 3/4 and up
4 7 3/4 and up Be sure grips fit properly before using.

Reisport Guards How To Size

Please note: ALL guards should be checked with your coach prior to use, to ensure the size is correct for you. If guards have been named/ worn/ marked we are unable to exchange or refund. Incorrect use of guards may result in serious injury.

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