Choosing the right gymnastics club for your child is important, as it will impact their progress and enjoyment of the sport. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a gymnastics club:

Safety: Safety should be the number one priority when choosing a gymnastics club for your child. Look for clubs that have proper safety equipment and trained experienced staff. Clubs affiliated with Gymnastics Queensland & Gymnastics Australia will have accredited coaching staff that are fully trained, registered to work with children and must maintain their registration with regular courses. 

Experience: Select a gymnastics club that has qualified and experienced coaching staff. They should have certifications and continuing education in the sport of gymnastics.

How to choose a gymnastics club for your child. By GMD Activewear Australia
Program offerings: Consider the type of program your child is interested in, and whether the club offers it. Whether it be for recreational or competitive. Some clubs may focus on specific areas like artistic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, rhythmic gymnastics, or acrobatic gymnastics.

Facility: Check out the club's facility. Is it clean and well-maintained? Does it have the necessary equipment for the level of gymnastics your child will be participating in?

Class size: Consider the size of the classes, and whether they will be appropriate for your child's skill level and attention span. Aim for around 8- 10 children per class for ideal safety and attention. Also, if the club offers a variety of class options, this could make it more flexible with busy family schedules.

How to choose a gymnastics club

Cost: Compare the fees associated with different clubs in your area. Also, ask if they offer a free trial class.

Location and Schedule: Look for a conveniently located club with class schedules that work for your family's schedule.

Culture: Check out the culture of the club. Are the coaches and the other parents supportive, positive, and encouraging? Is the atmosphere a good fit for your child and family?

    Ultimately, you should visit the club, watch a class or two, and talk to the coaches and other parents to get a sense of whether the club is a good fit for your child.


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