Here are a few ideas for a gymnastics-themed birthday party for a 10-year-old:

  1. Obstacle course: Set up a series of gymnastics-inspired obstacles, such as balance beams, vaulting stations, and tumbling mats, for the kids to navigate through.

  2. Relay race: Divide the kids into teams and have them compete in a relay race that includes gymnastics elements, such as cartwheels and forward rolls.Gymnastics Birthday Party Ideas for 10 year olds by GMD Activewear Australia

  3. Gymnastics games: Play games like "Hot Potato" using a gym mat and "Gymnastics Simon Says" where you call out a sequence of gymnastics moves for the kids to copy.

  4. Crafts: Have the kids draw & decorate their own leotards or create their own gymnastics-themed artwork.

  5. Show-and-tell: Encourage the kids to bring in their own gymnastics medals, trophies or leotards to show off to their friends.

  6. Cake: Decorate your cupcakes or cake with super cute gymnastics figure cake toppers.Gold Gymnastics Figure Cake Toppers by GMD Activewear Australia
  7. You can also hire a coach to come in and teach a short gymnastics class which would be a great time for kids to showcase the skills they have learned.

  8. If an at home gymnastics party is a bit overwhelming, enlist the professionals and host your birthday party at a local gymnastics club, such as Splitz Gymnastics Club in Sumner. 

Be sure to supervise all the activities, and adjust them to be age-appropriate. The most important part is to just have fun with it!


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