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Reisport Mens Ring Velcro Guards

$78.00 AUD
  • Mens ring guards are designed specifically for the use on the rings & should not be used on any other apparatus or by females
  • Velcro hook & loop closure guards
  • Sewn on leather wrapped dowel, with two finger holes
  • Durable, high quality leather
  • Sold in pairs
  • It is recommended to wear terry towelling wrist bands with these guards
  • If you would like help with sizing, please email us a tracing of your hand with a 10cm scale (including a bit of your wrist). Alternatively, you can call or visit us in store for a fitting!
  • **PLEASE NOTE - Large towelling wrist bands ( 5inch) are required with this product to alleviate rubbing/ blisters on the wrists.
  • Measure from base of palm (where wrist creases) to the tip of the middle finger.

Reisport Guards How To Size

Size  Measurement (inches & cm)
 0 Up to 6 ½”--------- Up to 16.5cm
1 6 ½” – 7”------------16.5cm- 17.5cm
2 7” – 7 ½”------------17.5cm- 19cm
3 7 ½” – 8”------------19cm- 20.5cm
4 20.5cm +


  • You must replace guards each year, or at the first sign of a tear
  • In the case of a tear, discontinue use of guards IMMEDIATELY and replace
  • The higher the skill level & hours trained is relative to how often you will need to replace your guards. Higher hours & skills = more frequent replacement. This is to ensure your safety on bars
  • Do not cut the dowel of the grips! The leather can expand and it will risk an accident.
  • Do not use water on your grips, the leather will harden and snap.
  • If finger holes are too small, you can abrade it with sand paper slowly. DO NOT use a knife or scissors. DO NOT make finger holes too big, this risks the guards slipping off. 

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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