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Bailie Beginner Palm Guards

$25.00 AUD
Hot Pink
Lime Green
  • Ideal for first time guard users & recreational/ beginners
  • Sold in a pair
  • Great protection against monkey bars 
  • Not designed for the use of an elite gymnast
  • Boys, girls or adults can wear these soft leather guards
  • Velcro closure strap with leather palm protector
  • No dowel on guards 
  • PLEASE NOTE - small towelling wrist bands ( 2inch) are required with this product to alleviate rubbing/ blisters on the wrists.

HOW TO SIZE: Measure from the base of your palm (where the wrist creases) to the base of the middle finger. You will be measuring the palm section on hand only. Use this measurement against the size chart below. If you fall between two sizes, please select the smaller size (as the palm piece is leather, it will stretch slightly with wear).

S Between 5cm - 5.5cm | 2 to 2.5 inches
M Between 6 cm-7 cm    | 2.5 inch - 3 inch
L Between8cm - 9 cm   | 3 inch - 3.5 inch
XL Between9cm -10cm   | 3.5 inch - 4 inch


Palm Guards Measurement Points Gymnastics Hand Guards GMD

Please note: ALL guards should be checked with your coach prior to use, to ensure the size is correct for you. If guards have been named/ worn/ marked we are unable to exchange or refund. Incorrect use of guards may result in serious injury.


  • You must replace guards each year, or at the first sign of a tear
  • In the case of a tear, discontinue use of guards IMMEDIATELY and replace
  • The higher the skill level & hours trained is relative to how often you will need to replace your guards. Higher hours & skills = more frequent replacement. This is to ensure your safety on bars
  • Do not cut the dowel of the grips! The leather can expand and it will risk an accident.
  • Do not use water on your grips, the leather will harden and snap.
  • If finger holes are too small, you can abrade it with sandpaper slowly. DO NOT use a knife or scissors. DO NOT make finger holes too big they will stretch, this risks the guards slipping off. 

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Customer Reviews

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