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Premium Bar Loops

$30.00 AUD
      • WARNING - Loops must be replaced every 12 months.
      • Important : If your loops show any signs of damage, discontinue use immediately & replace.


  • Gymnastics bar loops, for the use of training giants on the bar
  • Sold in pairs 
  • Premium seat belt style webbing loops are thicker & tougher, great for older or elite gymnasts
  • Premium loops are available our regular stock colour coded sizes, and also black loops custom made to your exact size
  • All custom made sizes are black only and may take up to 5 days to manufacturer as they are custom made for you per order
  • Rated webbing strength: 2000kg (please note this does not account for centrifugal force)

HOW TO SIZE: The measurement goes off the thickness of the bar the child trains on & the size of their hands. (some gyms have thin bars, others have thicker bars.) Please ask your coach to size you up at training & let us know the diameter of the loops.

***We can provide you with an estimated size, please email/call/ live chat with us with your wrist circumference.***


Premium Gymnastics Bar Loops Size Chart GMD Activewear Australia


WARNING: As is the case with all gymnastics equipment, improper use of any gymnastics loops which have become Standard equipment in boys and girls gymnastics may Result in catastrophic injury or even death. Training loops are not intended for the use by the advanced competitor & should NEVER be used by anyone other than yourself. Please check with your coach for the proper size.

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Customer Reviews

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