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Tiger Paws Wrist Support - Sand

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Tiger paws use a unique support system that allow you to control the stiffness of the flex paw, giving you full customisation to suit your needs

  • Tiger paws help in relieving pressure on sensitive nerves, reducing pain from repetitive stress & over use injuries 
  • Provides a great level of support & is a favourite amongst gymnasts
  • Manufactured in the USA by a leading manufacturer of sporting injury support goods for over 25 years
  • Tiger paws will be very stiff to begin with, and straps may seem to be too small- this is normal. As you wear your paws, they will adjust to your hands and bend slightly to allow more room for the straps to hold firmly
  • Replacement of the support pads, located inside the velcro pocket is nessesary. This foam pad will loose its supporting power after approx one month of everyday use.
Size  Weight (kg) Circumference of wrist Width of palm
XS up to 31.75kg (70lbs) <14.6cm (<5.75in)  <7.6cm (<3in)
S 32-52 kg (70-115lbs) 14.6cm-15.8cm (5.75- 6.25in) 7.6cm- 8.5cm (3- 3.5in)
M 53 - 68 kg (115-150lbs) 15.8cm- 17.1cm(6.25- 6.75in) 8.5cm- 10.1cm(3.5- 4in)
L Over 70kg (150- 210lbs) 17.-cm & up (6.75in & up) 10.1cm & up (4in & up)


Sizing Note

We recommend selecting your size based on your weight. However everyone's hands are a little different. If your weight puts you in-between sizes, please use the other measurements to confirm your size Expect a snug fit. 

Having a snug feeling provides optimal wrist support and helps prevent sprains ans hyper extensions. however, if your Tiger paw cuts off your circulation/ blood flow, or severely impairs your thumb/ finger movement, then it is too small! Snug fit is good; too tight is not right!


Adjusting level of Wrist Support

Once you have a snug fit, toggle between the inserts to adjust wrist support. 

Plastic (most supportive). Foam- Thick to thin (least supportive)


 Washing Instructions

Tiger Paws can be hand washed in cold water with Woolite (never machine wash). Blot dry and place on a dry towel and air dry like you would for an expensive sweater. Never dry in a dryer or place in direct sunlight to dry.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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