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US GLOVE RKO Double Buckle Guards

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  • *** GMD will no longer be stocking the US Glove Hot Shot Guards, due to the manufacturer not being able to keep up stock levels year round, and being un-contactable. The alternative to this style is the Bailie 302DB Womens Guards (available from GMD).
  • Women's double buckle guards
  • Great alternative to the Reisport Double Buckle Guards 
  • Standard size grip with 2 finger holes 
  • Sewn on leather wrapped dowel and a double buckle closure 
  • Very durable leather 
  • Toweling wristbands recommended to be worn with these guards to stop rubbing on wrists

HOW TO SIZE: Measure from the base of the palm (where wrist creases) to the tip of the middle finger. Use that measurement against the size chart below.

Size Measurement (inches)
XS(0) 6 "
Sml (1) 6 3/8 "
Med (2)
Lge (3)
6 5/8 "
6 15/16 "

How to size female gymnastics hand guards GMD Activewear Australia

Please note: ALL guards should be checked with your coach prior to use, to ensure the size is correct for you. If guards have been named/ worn/ marked we are unable to exchange or refund. Incorrect use of guards may result in serious injury.

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