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Gibson Girl's Just Right guards - Double Buckle

$73.00 AUD

Girls' Just Right Uneven Bar Grips- Double Buckle

Created for gymnasts who need a dowel grip but whose hands may be too small for the standard grips on the market. Allows for more hand contact on the bar, yet protects from rips. Constructed with high-quality leather with a narrower profile. Comes with a FREE blue Gibson grip bag!

SIZING: Measure from base of palm to end of the longest finger.

 XXS (00): Up to 5.25" (12.3 - 13.3cm)

XS (0): 5.25"-5.75" ( 13.3- 14.5cm)

S (1): 5.75"-6.25"   (14.75- 15.7cm)

M (2): 6.25"-6.75" ( 15.7-

L (3): 6.75" - 7.25" (17 - 18.4cm)


  • You must replace guards each year, or at the first sign of a tear
  • In the case of a tear, discontinue use of guards IMMEDIATELY and replace
  • The higher the skill level & hours trained is relative to how often you will need to replace your guards. Higher hours & skills = more frequent replacement. This is to ensure your safety on bars
  • Do not cut the dowel of the grips! The leather can expand and it will risk an accident.
  • Do not use water on your grips, the leather will harden and snap.
  • If finger holes are too small, you can abrade them with sand paper slowly. DO NOT use a knife or scissors. DO NOT make finger holes too big, this risks the guards slipping off. 

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