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The Making of United Power

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We wanted to give you all a little deeper insight into the making of the "United Power" collection, that was designed in conjunction with GMD Brand Rep Tahlia & Olympic Diver Melissa Wu. United Power collection is proudly supporting Dolly's Dream, with $10.00 from every purchase! 

We asked the girls some questions about the process, read on below to see what they had to say! 

 United Power Anti Bullying Collection

Proudly Supporting Dolly's Dream


What was your inspiration for the united power collection?

I experienced being bullied as a young athlete and four years ago also experienced the heartbreaking loss of my little sister to suicide. Both of these issues are very close to my heart, so when Tahlia asked me to be join her and GMD in designing a mini range of activewear that would support Dolly’s Dream, it was really important to me to be involved. I wanted to help promote kindness and unity amongst girls and encourage girls to support one another. 

Tell us your favourite piece! 

My favourite piece is the singlet. I love both the colours, so can’t pick a favourite between them though. I love that they say “Kindness is Power”, which is the message/slogan we want girls to embrace. We want girls to not only love the activewear and wear it, but also to unite together and live by the message. 

How did you come up with the name for the collection?

We wanted to promote kindness and also bring girls together to create a united front against bullying. Kindness has the power to change someone’s life, so when Tahlia came up with the name “United Power”, it was the perfect name for our collection and the message we wanted to spread. 

What has been your favourite thing about creating this collection?

My favourite thing has been working with Tahlia and GMD to create something that helps make a positive difference in the world. Girls can do amazing things when we unite and support each other, so to have the opportunity to promote kindness and a unified front against bullying means a lot to me. I always do my best to be a good role model, so I’m hoping that my involvement in designing this collection will help young girls and also promote kindness, especially in sport. 


What was your inspiration for the united power collection?

I was going through a hard time with a girl online. We used to be friends but then she started to be mean to me for no reason. It made me feel really sad, and during that time I heard about what had happened to Dolly Everett. Up until then I didn’t realize how bullying or cyberbullying could end tragically. I didn’t understand about suicide at all. I listened to what had happened to Dolly on the news and I just wanted to do something. I wanted girls to be KIND. Why was that so hard? I talked to my mum and asked her if she thought we could maybe design something to raise awareness. And that’s when I started working with Sophie from GMD. She was able to turn a little idea turn into a big one! And the idea became even more amazing when Melissa Wu said yes to join our campaign and we started designing everything!! 


Tell us your favourite piece! 

I love the whole collection! But my favourite is the singlet. To see my name so close to my sporting idol Melissa is amazing!!! 


How did you come up with the name for the collection?

United Power came about because we wanted to unite girls. And together we are powerful! So I think it was the best name for this collection. 


What has been your favourite thing about creating this collection?

My favourite thing about creating this collection was seeing the photos of all the girls wearing our range. That’s when I realized we were making a difference. And that’s an amazing feeling. Also, meeting Melissa (and having her sleepover my house!). She’s so inspirational and I’m so glad I got the chance to do this with her.  

A HUGE thank you to everyone for supporting United Power, you have helped made a huge difference! With your help, we have raised 




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